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Genre: Performance, acting


Artist’s Statement:
As an artist, I am skilled in acting, singing, movement, writing, and playing the keyboard. I believe that I would be able to integrate my various art forms in the classroom through creative role-playing,  playwriting, composing and storytelling. Through these avenues, and by working with the lead teacher’s curriculum, I bring to the classroom creative ways in which to embrace learning.  I am drawn to the residency program because I believe that it’s important to introduce the arts to young persons as part of their early formation as a way of developing life long social and personal skills. I am current as an artist by continuing to write for the stage, as well as by continuing to audition and perform professionally, and have worked on Broadway and national tours over the course of my career.

Genre: Theater arts, Storytelling, Movement

(717) 490-3516

Age Group for Residencies: Elementary, Middle, Secondary, Adult, Senior Citizen

Artist’s Statement: Practicing theatre is the ultimate perspective builder. As an actor and director I explore the world with all of its rich complexities, make discoveries about humanity and gain a greater appreciation for people with differing viewpoints. These ongoing, ephemeral experiences influence my everyday life and shape my foundation as an artist and educator. Engaging in theater is a truly invaluable gift of freedom that I cherish and is something that I am honored to share with others, positively affecting their lives. As a theater artist I am devoted to utilizing rehearsals to deepen understanding about human relationships for all participants. Performing the findings for an audience is an equally essential part of the process, offering them insights that raise questions and challenge preconceived notions. I am drawn to demanding characters that excite my curious nature and encourage me to take risks. Consistently striving for good acting which is based in vulnerability, specificity and flexibility of the mind, body and soul is the heart of my work. As a director and instructor I firmly believe that everyone can act if they possess the necessary discipline, and I’m committed to creating a supportive, ensemble environment. With twenty years’ experience working both nationally and internationally in professional theater as an actor, director, and instructor, I continue to dedicate myself to sharing meaningful stories about real people with real problems, reaching out into the world bravely and passionately in the hopes of breaking down barriers that inhibit community connection and growth.

Vocals, music
(412) 430-1346

Age Group for Residencies:  early childhood, elementary, senior citizens

Special groups: Autistic children

Artist’s Statement:
Rebecca Covert, cabaret vocalist and actress, explores interactive storytelling through her art, weaving together music, theatrical elements, and dynamic visuals to break the fourth wall and engage audiences in her personal stories.

In the classroom, Rebecca challenges her students to tell their own stories using an interdisciplinary arts approach, beginning with creative writing exercises and later exploring elements of dramatic play, music, puppetry, and theater production to give students the tools to confidently share their stories and singular voice with others. Rebecca has been a rostered Teaching Artist at Gateway to the Arts since 2006, where she is recognized for broad skills as an artist and as an educator.

Rebecca is a talented musician and performing artist who has the ability to merge outstanding creative skills with a deep knowledge of educational pedagogy and developmentally appropriate practice, which she taps to develop highly effective arts-based teaching strategies. She is an excellent collaborator with classroom teachers, able to side coach and co-teach in a manner that fosters mastery of creative and engaging teaching skills. Her fun-loving personality and sense of humor have made her a favorite with children and adults alike. -Carol Wolfe, Director of Education at Gateway to the Arts, 1998-2014


African Dance

(484) 574-4440

Age Range for Residencies:
Elementary, Middle, Secondary, Adult, Senior Adult

Artist’s Statement: I am Janet Peck: West African dancer, teacher and choreographer. My seeds of dance first sprouted in the early 70s during “Polynesian Potpourri,” the Hatboro YMCA’s first annual water show. A few years, two college degrees, 18 forays to Guinea, West African and one early retirement later, I became clear on what I wanted to be when I grew up! Now, in my fifteenth season as the Artistic Director of the N’Bonye Dance and Drum Ensemble, I am dedicated to my mission: to inspire people to be the most vital individuals they can be by engaging them in the dancing, drumming, singing, and culture of West Africa. My 18 visits to West Africa, my performing experience, my Masters degree in Dance (M. Ed ’88, Temple University) and 22 years as a public school visual arts educator have helped me craft a teaching style that is clear, warm, attentive, and enthusiastic. My classes at Temple have inspired me to broaden my choreography with elements of modern dance, as evidenced in “My Sanctuary,” a piece for African and Modern dance, West African drums, violin, and gospel choir. My annual studies abroad in Guinea, West Africa refresh my knowledge of the dancing and culture, as do my weekly West African dance studies in Philadelphia. My master teachers from the major ballets of Conakry, Guinea, keep my skills honed, my dreams alive and my mission of connecting people to their hearts flourishing. From inner-city school teens to professional dancers, from special needs children and adults to women at spirituality conferences, from college ethno-musicology students to scout troops, my choreography inspires people to be their most vital and alive selves. Even pre-schoolers are transformed as evidenced by this declaration from a very young dance fan at a local day care center when begging his teacher to invite us back: “Janet, you are more fun than Hershey Park!”

Genre: Found-object sculpture



Age Range for Residencies: K-12, Adult, senior citizens

Artist’s Statement: Noelle Turco loves yard sales, decorating, dancing, Kang Lieng soup, plants, soft socks, Leo Buscaglia books, consignment shops, E.L.O., intelligence, vintage things, coffee, clearance sales, awesome people, and free stuff.  Discarded items are her treasures that offer inspiration or are applied energetically to her mixed media art.  Torn paper, crayons, watercolor, ink, pastels, oil paint, wire, thread, acrylic, found objects, material and anything else you can think of are used to create unique stories that unfold into vibrant visual journeys.  Wherever Noelle is, be it in the woods or downtown, anything that catches her eye on the ground is happily put into her backpack.  Her inspirations come from dreams, life, words, gardening, music, Asian art, 1950-70’s children’s illustrations and graphic design.  Her use of diverse materials helps to convey her “one of a kind psychological expression” similar to illustrative narratives.

Ms. Turco resides in Lancaster City and is the mother of two spectacular children and has the ultimate boyfriend plus a dog named Hidiho Fantastic Floppy Ears Jones.  Noelle holds a degree in Art with a concentration in the Social Sciences.  She has shown her art throughout the East Coast and several of her pieces are owned by prominent collectors and businesses.   Noelle has been the Art Director at Carr’s Restaurant for the past 12 years and has designed several houses and restaurants. She currently is self-employed doing commission work, design/decorating consultation through her company Red House Design and teaches art lessons. Ms. Turco truly believes that imagination, self-truth, and exploration are paramount in providing quality art and the freedom to express those elements helps individuals to attain a stronger sense of humanity.

Genre: STEAM/Mural Arts/Public Art

Tel: 717-926-3920

Life Enthusiast Specializing in Harmonious Creativity and Community Revitalization Through Art.

I am a S.T.E.A.M. Mural Instructor involving students of all ages in the development of the highest quality murals by participating in every step of the process from Design to Completion. I specialize in uniting schools with their communities through art.


Genre: Painting, sculpture, fiber arts, glass arts

Age Range for Residencies: Childhood, Elementary, Middle, Secondary, Adult, Senior Citizens

Artist Statement: Art is beautiful and functional, however, it can also be healing. My work as an artist is predominantly in fibers although I have experience with many other mediums such as ceramic, glass, found object, metal and wood. While I love them all, I am also drawn to the healing properties art holds. Through building and layering, exploring and discovering there is much to learn and share in an art making experience. My own work often represents the path I am on at that particular moment in my life. I like to use recycled materials as a way of taking what seems to be nothing and creating something new. This is not only cost effective but also respectful to our environment. Creating art gives us the opportunity to slow down and enjoy life. I truly love the process and the materials I work with and most of all I love being able to share this with others. The art experience is a gift for us all to enjoy and reap its benefits.