Dominique Denman

Artistic Discipline: Theater, Voice, Opera
Age Groups for Residencies:
Artist’s Statement: Dominique Denman is the Co-Founder/CEO of Denman Turner Entertainment Group, Inc. (DTEG). Dominique brings more than 30 years of experience as a producer and performer. Dominique has performed in more than 25 stage plays including performances in DreamgirlsPippinGuys and DollsDon’t Bother Me, I Can’t Cope, and received rave reviews for her performance in Ain’t Misbehavin’. In concert, Dominique has performed with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Stephanie Mills, Lalah Hathaway, Placido Domingo, and Mirella Freni.

She also performed with the Houston Grand Opera Chorus for more than a decade appearing in over 20 productions. She has performed throughout Europe, South America, and Japan for the last 12 years.

As a producer, Dominique served as co-producer on the productions of Regina Taylor’s CrownsSon of a Preacher ManJimmy Earl’s Defense, and Sassy. She produced international tours for The Harlem Messengers throughout Europe and Asia, and currently serves as a Music Director for a documentary film on the life and work of Rev. Dr. Crawford W. Kimble. Dominique is a writer of sacred choral music and serves as one of the lyricists for Stormy. Her backstage production experience includes positions in Finance and Payroll as well as Stage Management.

Dominique holds a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Music from Texas Southern University and a Masters of Divinity from Lancaster Theological Seminary and is currently pursuing a doctorate in Ministry at New York Theological Seminary.

Kearasten Jordan

Artistic Discipline: Visual arts, fabric arts, found-object sculpture
Age Groups for Residencies:
Artist’s Statement: Artist and Mentor Kearasten Jordan (she/her) is an. Kearasten Jordan
Kearasten Jordan is an artist, musician, seamstress, comic, “openly unfriendly” Black Queer artist & activist born and raised in Lancaster City. She was the co-founder of Safe House and the owner of Fo’Sew, a textile arts company. She was selected for Modern Art’s 2020 Museum of the Living Worker program.

Julia Jordan-Kamanda

Artistic Discipline: Music
Age Groups for Residencies:
Artist’s Statement: Julia Jordan Kamanda, singer/songwriter, music mentor, and owner of J3Music Studios, is on a music mission. Her focus is on spreading a positive musical message to encourage and empower others. In 2010 Julia co-founded the Creative Arts Initiative in Sierra Leone, West Africa and travelled there to teach young women new ways to express themselves creatively through the arts. She currently offers songwriting, guitar, and vocal mentoring sessions to students of all ages; blogs about the experience of being a musician and a mom on her “Music Mommy” blog; and offers a music supervision service for independent filmmakers.

As a songwriter, Julia’s music is acoustic based; but the arrangements go much deeper, pulling inspiration from her jazz and folk roots and natural R&B soul. On her debut album Urban Legacy, released in 2007, she presents songs about light, love and trusting life’s changes- lessons she learned from her musical genius father, Stanley Jordan, and her poetess mother, Sandy Kilpatrick Jordan. At 30 years old, she already has 21 years of professional performance experience and her voice has carried her around the world to grace the stages of legendary music venues, including the Buzios Jazz y Blues Festival in Brazil; the Cairo Opera House in Egypt; the Long Beach Jazz Festival in California; and Alice Tully Hall in New York City, among many others. In her first music-for-film projects, Julia teamed up with Biko Studios to provide music supervision for two short films, SALAY and Kombra, both of which have gone on to win numerous awards and are currently making their way through the international film festival circuit.

Says Julia: “I want my energy, my message, and my music to enhance life like a breath of fresh air; like a cool drink of lemonade; like rays of love, light, and optimism. I would like to leave an influence on the next generation of music lovers and visionaries that will be lasting and deep.”

Salina Almanzar

Artistic Discipline: Creative placekeeping, community-engaged practice, mural arts
Contact: email:;
Age Groups for Residencies: K-Senior Citizen
Artist’s Statement: Salina Almanzar (sah-lee-nah ahll-munczar)(she/her) is a Puerto Rican and Dominican artist, educator, writer, social justice advocate. Her art and scholarship examine the intersections of Latinidad, feminism, decolonial practice, and Taino spirituality. She is specifically interested in what it means to be ni de aqui y ni de alla, meaning being part of a diaspora that is between spaces and between cultures. She is from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and graduated from Franklin and Marshall College in 2013 with a double major in Studio Art and English Literature. She spent about two years working in galleries and museums in Philadelphia and Lancaster City before deciding to pursue a Master’s in Arts Administration in 2015. She completed the Arts Administration and Museum Leadership Graduate Program at Drexel University in June of 2017. There, she completed a thesis examining Creative Placemaking in the Lancaster Latinx community. She has since continued her research through continued data gathering via story sharing as well as serving as co-facilitator of the Latino Empowerment Project. Salina was elected to School District of Lancaster School Board and is the youngest and first Puerto Rican elected to the board. Salina also serves as a teaching artist in Lancaster City parks through Lancaster Pubic Art.

josh graupera

Artistic Discipline: Community-engaged practice, painting, screen printing, socially-engaged process
Age Groups for Residencies: K-Senior Citizen
Artist’s Statement: josh graupera (he/him, they/them) is a Lancaster born, Philadelphia-based artist, activist and educator. Their practice explores the relationship between visual art and community organizing, using painting, screen printing and socially-engaged processes. 

Josh is an Arts and Media organizer with Stadium Stompers, a worker-owner of Bonfire Media Collective, and an Art and Multimedia Coordinator with the Youth Art & Self-Empowerment Project (YASP). josh has worked as a teaching artist with various organizations including Mural Arts Program, Art Well, PhillyCAM, The U School, Fleisher Art Memorial, Fabric Workshop and Museum, Tyler School of Art, Big Picture Alliance and The Philadelphia Museum of Art. 

Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, 2016
BFA Millersville University of Pennsylvania, 2014

Cheryl Kugler

Artistic Discipline: Visual Arts, Timeslips
Age Groups for Residencies:
Middle school-Senior Citizens
Artist’s Statement: Cheryl is a life-long artist from south-central Pennsylvania. Rich colors and gentle compositions of nature’s flora and fauna inspire her canvases.

Versed in oils, pastels, acrylics, gouache, charcoal, and graphite, she equally enjoys naturalistic lifestyle photography and is a dabbler in clay. While creating, it is not uncommon that her beautiful and well-loved cats nap on her studio desk.

She has run yearly artist residencies in senior centers, with teen girls in a children’s home, and teaches weekly art classes in senior communities.

She has completed ‘Arts and Aging’ training programs to better work with older and elderly artists. Specifically,

Lincoln Center Education, Teaching Artist Development Labs

National Center for Creative Aging, Artist Training

National Certification Council for Activity Professionals, MEPAP I

Naomi Feil’s Validation Institute to provide a meaningful way to communicate with disoriented adults.

Degrees in Art and Design as well as business.

30+ year career in business.

Loryn Spangler-Jones

Artistic Discipline: Visual arts
Age Groups for Residencies:
K-senior citizen
Artist’s Statement: Loryn has been an active member within the local art community for many years and was the Gallery Director, resident artist and lead art educator at Annex 24 in Lancaster for 5 years before making the move to open LSJ Studios in March of 2016. The studio serves as Spangler-Jones’ creative space, a place for classes and a gallery for exhibiting art from around the globe.

Spangler-Jones has long been the leading arts educator and instructor for small humans in Lancaster, PA, and within the walls of LSJ Studios, she has created a 400 square foot space where students are safe to throw and splash paint, get messy and fully immerse themselves in the Arts.

Award winning and internationally recognized mixed media artist, Loryn Spangler-Jones exhibits locally and is the founder of LSJ Studios in downtown Lancaster, PA. Making art since 1997, she is self taught and her innate talent is the foundation of her spontaneous and visceral paintings. Her work can be found in several different publications, from major art magazines to coffee table art books from North Light Publications.

Cultivating human connectivity and creative collaboration through art, Spangler-Jones has been leading group workshops since 2012. Loryn Spangler-Jones is a tour de force and her work continues to reach people all over the world!

“Who I am as an artist and what drives my hunger is to continually unveil subject matter in a way that encourages the viewer and challenges them to see, think and feel in a whole new way, pushing their own personal boundaries.”

W.E. & Company

Artistic Discipline: Story gathering, photography, videography, community history
Age Groups for Residencies:
Adults, senior citizens
Artist’s Statement: Jordan and Shelby Wormley are the visionaries behind W.E. & Company. As a married couple in Central Pennsylvania, they love being around family and engaging with their community. With a combined education and background in communications, media studies, and photography, Jordan and Shelby are inspired by storytelling. Shelby’s profession and hobby behind the camera influenced the two of them to capture people and their stories.

They love meeting and connecting with new people. As the “we” in W.E. & Company, they work closely with people to tell their captivating and honest stories, so they’re always in good company.

Dominique Jordan Miller-Shell, or the Artivist, Sir Dominique Jordan

Artistic Discipline: Poetry, spoken word, music
Contact: Phone: 717-984-9476
Web Site:
Age Groups for Residencies:
Grades 6-Adult
Artist’s Statement: I am most passionate about leaving my listeners and/or readers with substance that they can apply to everyday life. I love to be able to use my vulnerability and transparency as my superpower. I also am so excited about finding new ways to converge my passion (poetry, music) with my purpose of mentoring young people and motivational speaking.

Ever since I was a student, I just wanted to teach, even as a youngin in the Pew, I just wanted to preach, as a player on the field, I could not help but to coach because deep down inside I knew the only way to actually win at life is based on our approach… but what will we do with the misinformation vital to our detriment, also how will we combat miseducation that’s prevents our very betterment… shift the culture, change the narrative with the tools we have left, inspire the masses with our gifts then manifest a whole lot more than they expect… We need air to breathe… We need the next generation to believe… We need oxygen released by trees… So why not plant a seed? Today, so tomorrow our souls are at peace…

Gerri McCritty

Artistic Discipline: Visual art, found-object sculpture, African drumming

Age Groups for Residencies: K-Senior Citizen
Artist’s Statement: Art + Music = Love & Unity
My objective has always been to share my passion for art and music as a form of therapy, therapy for the purpose of inspiring, building confidence, and exploring. I believe it helps bring out inner creativity, makes an impact on others, and it also entertains. My art creations are based on a symbolic reflection of my African and African American roots. Besides painting, I choose to express my creativity by using organic materials of everyday life, and found objects. I am inspired by my West African culture and its philosophy of carrying burdens, which I refer to as loads of life, centering the spirit, respecting mother earth, the universe, and showing love of the human race. It is important to me that my creations reveal the INDIGENOUS, and the customs and characteristics of a culture.

I believe you learn every day of your life until the day you leave this earth. My approach to teaching has always been based on the personality and learning abilities of the individual or individuals. I believe in hands on, keeping it simple. I believe in a better tomorrow and that the children are our future. Creative learning can make a big impact on an individual. I do not hold a teaching degree, but I do possess the skills and years of experience teaching/working with kids and adults with or without disabilities.