David Nazario

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David Nazario is writing for his life because he’s scared of a day job. These words are not only the lyrics to a song by hip hop artist, Common, but they also represent the way that he chooses to live his life – not afraid of hard work, but afraid of spending 40 hours per week doing work that he doesn’t love. Fortunately, the past decade has allowed David to serve as a writer, speaker, and educator – all activities that he loves to do.

When David writes, he aims to share his unique perspective as an Afro-Puerto Rican, millennial, gay man from Reading, Pennsylvania. It is one of the cornerstones to his learning and unlearning of the world. When he is speaking, teaching, and writing he wants to inspire people and challenge social norms. The possibility of affecting one person’s life with his words, lessons, and writing is what brings him back to the classroom, to the pen and pad, day in and day out.

David earned his Bachelor’s degree from West Chester University, where he started his journalism career as an intern in the Office of Public Relations & Marketing. He has worked as a college advisor at Reading Senior High School for 11 years and is currently an adjunct professor at Reading Area Community College. David’s first book, Make Love Your Religion: How To Put Love First & Succeed at Doing What You Love (SDJ Press) was released in April 2018.

Anthony Orozco

Artistic Discipline: Poetry
: 513-687-2295; orozcoreporting@gmail.com
Age Groups for Residencies: Teen-Adult
Artist’s Statement: Anthony Orozco is the Latino communities reporter for WITF. Anthony joined PA Post in May 2020 as a Report For America fellow and transitioned to WITF in August 2020. He has worked in central Pennsylvania as a journalist, poet and community organizer since graduating with a degree in journalism from the University of Cincinnati in 2012.

Artistic Discipline: Ecological Design, Green STEAM or E-STEM, and Nature Journaling

(e): elyse@waxwingecoworks.com
(w): http://www.waxwingecoworks.com
(c): 717.676.1045

Age Group for Residencies: Grades K-12, adults

Artist’s Statement: Humans are positive drivers of ecological restoration, with solutions resting in underutilized spaces like urban schoolyards and narrow sidewalk strips. Designing ecological gardens in human spaces is a multi-functional artform. Everywhere you look, there is a canvas of currently mowed lawn waiting to be awakened with pollinators (bees, butterflies, birds, bats, etc.) and 4-season botanical interest. Through a hands-on participatory ecological design process, these spaces become vital grounds for rebounding wildlife populations, while gathering the community in collaborative conservation work. 

Ecological design is a Science and an Art. Cross-curricular skills are developed and reflected upon, through grappling with scale and proportion, ecological food webs, “right plant, right place”, site analysis (hydrology, geology, sun/shade patterns, etc.), while learning how to coherently communicate their final proposed planting plan. 

In the Schoolyard Habitat residency, students empathize with a critter of choice, design a solution in their schoolyard to meet their habitat needs, and ultimately bring their designs to fruition through a collaborative schoolyard habitat build. Funding is currently provided by the National Wildlife Federation to cover the costs of the native landscape plugs used in the schoolyard habitat plantings for the School District of Lancaster.