Genre: Performance, acting


Artist’s Statement:
As an artist, I am skilled in acting, singing, movement, writing, and playing the keyboard. I believe that I would be able to integrate my various art forms in the classroom through creative role-playing,  playwriting, composing and storytelling. Through these avenues, and by working with the lead teacher’s curriculum, I bring to the classroom creative ways in which to embrace learning.  I am drawn to the residency program because I believe that it’s important to introduce the arts to young persons as part of their early formation as a way of developing life long social and personal skills. I am current as an artist by continuing to write for the stage, as well as by continuing to audition and perform professionally, and have worked on Broadway and national tours over the course of my career.

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Genre: Poetry/Spoken Word/choreo-poems


Age Range for Residencies: Grades 6-12, Adults

Speak to My Soul hosts events, creates productions and incorporates programs in the community that use the performing arts to empower, educate and elevate. We raise awareness of pressing issues in the community such as poverty, injustice, unemployment, education or lack thereof, etc. People of all ages and backgrounds have been inspired after our programs have spoken to their soul through empowering messages, presentations, acting, and spoken word. These features continue to speak across generations and socioeconomic statuses impacting and changing lives.


  • Create art to evoke dialogue that will push people towards awareness and action
  • Stand as a platform and safe space for artists of color to create and showcase their work
  • Provide financial support and opportunities for artists of color
  • Incorporate programs and curriculum into schools that use the arts to assist with the progression of the community
  • Radiate love and positivity


Genre: Theater arts/Spoken Word


Age Range for Residencies:

Artist’s Statement: Playwright and actor Amanda Kemp is passionate about history. “History isn’t what happened. History is the story we tell about what happened,” she says. A multiple year awardee of grants and awards from both the Pennsylvania Humanities Council and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, Dr. Kemp researches African American history to create dramas that are informative and inspiring. Having earned her doctorate in Performance Studies, Dr. Kemp is adept at creating works that blend history and theater, and music. Her innovative workshop “From the Page to the Stage” encourages budding playwrights to use primary documents such as journals or newspaper articles to create scenes that show multiple points of view. Combining history and theater arts, her plays tackle subjects such as Benjamin Franklin and slavery; first African American poet Phillis Wheatley, the history of Chester, PA, and most recently the Emancipation Proclamation, which celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2013. Always expanding herself as an artist, Dr. Kemp produced her first spoken word CD on Phillis Wheatley which includes dramatic readings of Wheatley’s poetry and letters, as well as African American spirituals. She enjoys working with students of various ages and assisting seniors in telling their stories.


230 South Spruce Street

Lititz, PA 17543

(717) 626-8108

Age Range for Residencies: Elementary, Middle, Secondary, Adult

Artist Statement:

Theater is the magician’s art. It is the act of crating something out of nothing. With a phrase, a series of gestures, or a pointed glance, an entire new world can be created. This is the power of imagination. Theater affirms the possibility of being able to make the imaginary real. It empowers, emboldens, gives rise to the notion that perhaps your own world is one completely of your own creation. So the most important concept I endeavor to impart is: imagine well, and make your life look like your imagination.