Genre: Ceramics/tile mosaic 

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Age Range for Residencies: Adults/Senior Citizens

Artist’s Statement:  Beverly Leviner is an artist skilled in sculpture and ceramics.  She is the co-founder of Hilltop Studio located in Reading, PA.    Beverly has a great deal of experience working with public projects and has an accomplished list of participation in exhibitions. She is a former Lecturer in Integrative Arts at Penn State Berks-Lehigh Valley College. She has created magical tile mosaic murals for schools all over Southeastern PA and is an experienced teaching artist with a wealth of knowledge.


Category: Visual Arts
Genre: Ceramics, sculpture
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Age Range for Residencies: Elementary, Middle, Secondary, Adult, Senior Citizens

Artist’s Statement: Creativity is the essence of art. An open mind’s boundless imagination provides unlimited possibilities for creation: a concept given form by the creative process and the technical skills of an artist. The process is flexible and begins with an idea that is developed through brainstorming, thumbnail sketches, and finally a detailed drawing; this drawing is used as a blueprint for construction. When fabrication begins, one must tolerate deviation from the original plan because of the serendipitous nature of the creative process. The building process itself can generate new ideas and interesting developments that potentially can change the final result. Working with clay, participants in the residency program will expand and challenge their minds and develop an understanding and appreciation of this creative process.

Genre: Muralist/Painting

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Age Group for Residencies:

Artist’s Statement: I am a local muralist with 15 years of experience painting commercial and residential mural projects. My work tends to reflect the joy and beauty of life as I like my work to be positive and uplifting. For the last 10 years I have enjoyed doing many artist-in-residencies in public schools, for community centers, and senior centers throughout Pennsylvania.

As an artist doing residencies, my primary goal is to facilitate a wonderful, positive, educational, and hands-on experience for every participant involved. The teachers, students, and administrators should come away having had fun and learning new skills. I can work independently on an interior or exterior mural while providing painting demonstrations, presentations of art as a career, and Q&A session for up to six art classes a day. Students can watch my progression from the drawing phase to completion. I can also supervise student-led, designed, and executed mural projects with hands-on painting opportunities for many students, either during the school day and/or during after-school clubs.

After completing a mural project, the students come away with a sense of working collaboratively on an important piece of local public art and having learned practical design and paining skills. Finished murals have been used to create writing prompts. The grid system I use integrates math concepts such as measuring, dividing, and computing area. I have incorporated core educational subjects into my murals. I have also worked with local historians on several projects, inside and outside of schools. Although the students’ abilities vary, I always make sure the finished work is of an extremely professional quality that can be enjoyed for many years to come. In my presentations, I talk about:

  • Research and design and using the grid system
  • Painting techniques
  • Use of different materials
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Aspects of having a good work ethic
  • Giving back to your community with volunteerism
  • And much more valuable information


Genre: Tile Mosaic, screenprinting, community arts


Age Group for Residencies: K-12, adult, senior citizens

Artist Statement: I am an artist who fosters kinship through creativity, and my life’s work as an artist consists in working with a variety of differing communities. I am a West Virginia native currently living in the city of Lebanon, PA. I am a follower of Jesus, a wife and mother of two young boys. My artistic background is in scenic art for theater. However in 2006, I worked on a project that transitioned me into community-based work. My passion is to see every person living their full potential as their true self in kinship with all others. I am adept at creating safe creative spaces to gather people around important ideas, drawing all participants to offer their own voice to the creative conversation, and ensuring each person leaves knowing that they have contributed creatively to something greater than themselves.

(973) 715-6345

Age Group for Residencies: Grades 9-12, adult, senior citizens

Artist’s Statement: My process of making sculpture frequently becomes a balanced scuffle with gravity, where material can be transformed into metaphors for the importance of aiding others. I am interested in the physicality of sculpture to facilitate conversations where empathy and support can develop solidarity. Having familiarity with a wide range of tools, materials, and processes allows me to be on hand to facilitate creative solutions within educational environments. As an artist, my work focuses on prosthetic’s. These devices provide multiple forms of support to a body in need. My interest in prosthetic’s and military medicine emerged from seeing orthopedic surgeons in my family help to restore functionality and mobility to individuals. And also from my experiences living in Baltimore during the Uprising of 2015, which spurred my interest in reading about the Civil War and its lasting effects on American culture. I sincerely enjoy teaching and find great satisfaction helping to transfer knowledge and encourage student growth.

write face team

Category: Literary Arts
Genre: Creative Writing for Veterans with Trauma


Age Range for Residencies: Adults, senior citizen veterans & their families

Special Groups: Writing workshops for Veterans/families of veterans

The Write face process helps attendees focus on clarifying and understanding their thoughts. Unwritten thoughts may be fleeting or chaotic; the written word can be reviewed and refined. As our writers rework their words to say exactly what they mean, they are able to observe and attend to their reactions to life’s challenges. Teaching artist, Scott Hower, a Vietnam veteran, experienced the stress of readjustment personally. He learned through his writing to manage those issues. Teaching artist Annie Ginder is a certified Journal To The Self instructor who has taught journaling and poetry courses to individuals suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, as well as elementary school children.

evita headshot
Genre: Poetry/Spoken Word/choreo-poems


Age Range for Residencies: Grades 6-12, Adults

Speak to My Soul hosts events, creates productions and incorporates programs in the community that use the performing arts to empower, educate and elevate. We raise awareness of pressing issues in the community such as poverty, injustice, unemployment, education or lack thereof, etc. People of all ages and backgrounds have been inspired after our programs have spoken to their soul through empowering messages, presentations, acting, and spoken word. These features continue to speak across generations and socioeconomic statuses impacting and changing lives.


  • Create art to evoke dialogue that will push people towards awareness and action
  • Stand as a platform and safe space for artists of color to create and showcase their work
  • Provide financial support and opportunities for artists of color
  • Incorporate programs and curriculum into schools that use the arts to assist with the progression of the community
  • Radiate love and positivity


Genre: Theater arts/Spoken Word


Age Range for Residencies:

Artist’s Statement: Playwright and actor Amanda Kemp is passionate about history. “History isn’t what happened. History is the story we tell about what happened,” she says. A multiple year awardee of grants and awards from both the Pennsylvania Humanities Council and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, Dr. Kemp researches African American history to create dramas that are informative and inspiring. Having earned her doctorate in Performance Studies, Dr. Kemp is adept at creating works that blend history and theater, and music. Her innovative workshop “From the Page to the Stage” encourages budding playwrights to use primary documents such as journals or newspaper articles to create scenes that show multiple points of view. Combining history and theater arts, her plays tackle subjects such as Benjamin Franklin and slavery; first African American poet Phillis Wheatley, the history of Chester, PA, and most recently the Emancipation Proclamation, which celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2013. Always expanding herself as an artist, Dr. Kemp produced her first spoken word CD on Phillis Wheatley which includes dramatic readings of Wheatley’s poetry and letters, as well as African American spirituals. She enjoys working with students of various ages and assisting seniors in telling their stories.

scott hower

Category: Literary Arts
Genre: Poetry



Age Range for Residencies: Adults, senior citizens

Special Groups: Writing workshops for Veterans/families of veterans

Artist’s Statement: My artistic philosophy is rooted in the teaching of my printmaking professor at Millersville University during the early 1980’s.  Robert Nelson had a lite motif that he reiterated in every session of every class that I attended with him. He would say, “Art is a professional term. Those of you who feel that your work belongs in a portfolio that is never shared should not refer to yourselves as artists.  You may be the most talented, creative person present but if you fail to share your work you are something less than an artist.” Perhaps it was the mantra like manner in which this idea was presented that made its meaning seem so true for me or maybe its truth was simply irrefutable in its meaning.  I accepted it and decided to pursue all my artistic endeavors with the idea in mind.

Since art must be shared, it follows that it is quintessentially a form of communication.  For me to consider my work successful it must communicate something emotional, intellectual, abstract, or at the very least something about the process required to produce it.  The only way to judge the success of any given work is to share it and then consider the response it receives from the viewer or listener. This line of thought makes it imperative for me to consider my audience prior to putting brush to canvas or pen to paper.  It becomes my job to convey what I feel must be said in a manner that my audience will be most able to understand and accept it. Dancers dance to share their joy in movement. Painters paint to share their understanding of color or line. Sculptors share their wonder of the realness of the 3 dimensional form.  Poets write to share their feelings/thoughts about the human condition. Art is self-expression. Expression is communication. Therefore, art is communication.

annie ginder

Category: Literary Arts
Genre: Journal to the Self therapeutic writing/ Poetry


Age Range for Residencies: Adults, senior citizens

Special Groups: Writing workshops for Veterans/families of veterans

Artist’s Statement: Annie Ginder is a certified Journal To The Self instructor who has taught journaling and poetry courses to individuals suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, as well as elementary school children.