Cheryl Kugler

Cheryl is a life-long artist from south-central Pennsylvania. Rich colors and gentle compositions of nature’s flora and fauna inspire her canvases.

Versed in oils, pastels, acrylics, gouache, charcoal, and graphite, she equally enjoys naturalistic lifestyle photography and is a dabbler in clay. While creating, it is not uncommon that her beautiful and well-loved cats nap on her studio desk.

She has run yearly artist residencies in senior centers, with teen girls in a children’s home, and teaches weekly art classes in senior communities.

She has completed ‘Arts and Aging’ training programs to better work with older and elderly artists. Specifically,

Lincoln Center Education, Teaching Artist Development Labs

National Center for Creative Aging, Artist Training

National Certification Council for Activity Professionals, MEPAP I

Naomi Feil’s Validation Institute to provide a meaningful way to communicate with disoriented adults.

Degrees in Art and Design as well as business.

30+ year career in business.

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