Dominique Jordan Miller-Shell, or the Artivist, Sir Dominique Jordan

Phone: 717-984-9476
Web Site:
Artistic discipline: Poetry, spoken word, music

I am most passionate about leaving my listeners and/or readers with substance that they can apply to everyday life. I love to be able to use my vulnerability and transparency as my superpower. I also am so excited about finding new ways to converge my passion (poetry, music) with my purpose of mentoring young people and motivational speaking.

Ever since I was a student, I just wanted to teach, even as a youngin in the Pew, I just wanted to preach, as a player on the field, I could not help but to coach because deep down inside I knew the only way to actually win at life is based on our approach… but what will we do with the misinformation vital to our detriment, also how will we combat miseducation that’s prevents our very betterment… shift the culture, change the narrative with the tools we have left, inspire the masses with our gifts then manifest a whole lot more than they expect… We need air to breathe… We need the next generation to believe… We need oxygen released by trees… So why not plant a seed? Today, so tomorrow our souls are at peace…

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