Gerri McCritty

Artistic Discipline: Visual art, found-object sculpture, African drumming

Age Groups for Residencies: K-Senior Citizen
Artist’s Statement: Art + Music = Love & Unity
My objective has always been to share my passion for art and music as a form of therapy, therapy for the purpose of inspiring, building confidence, and exploring. I believe it helps bring out inner creativity, makes an impact on others, and it also entertains. My art creations are based on a symbolic reflection of my African and African American roots. Besides painting, I choose to express my creativity by using organic materials of everyday life, and found objects. I am inspired by my West African culture and its philosophy of carrying burdens, which I refer to as loads of life, centering the spirit, respecting mother earth, the universe, and showing love of the human race. It is important to me that my creations reveal the INDIGENOUS, and the customs and characteristics of a culture.

I believe you learn every day of your life until the day you leave this earth. My approach to teaching has always been based on the personality and learning abilities of the individual or individuals. I believe in hands on, keeping it simple. I believe in a better tomorrow and that the children are our future. Creative learning can make a big impact on an individual. I do not hold a teaching degree, but I do possess the skills and years of experience teaching/working with kids and adults with or without disabilities.

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