Renee Morth

Genre: Theater arts, Storytelling, Movement

(717) 490-3516

Age Group for Residencies: Elementary, Middle, Secondary, Adult, Senior Citizen

Artist’s Statement: Practicing theatre is the ultimate perspective builder. As an actor and director I explore the world with all of its rich complexities, make discoveries about humanity and gain a greater appreciation for people with differing viewpoints. These ongoing, ephemeral experiences influence my everyday life and shape my foundation as an artist and educator. Engaging in theater is a truly invaluable gift of freedom that I cherish and is something that I am honored to share with others, positively affecting their lives. As a theater artist I am devoted to utilizing rehearsals to deepen understanding about human relationships for all participants. Performing the findings for an audience is an equally essential part of the process, offering them insights that raise questions and challenge preconceived notions. I am drawn to demanding characters that excite my curious nature and encourage me to take risks. Consistently striving for good acting which is based in vulnerability, specificity and flexibility of the mind, body and soul is the heart of my work. As a director and instructor I firmly believe that everyone can act if they possess the necessary discipline, and I’m committed to creating a supportive, ensemble environment. With twenty years’ experience working both nationally and internationally in professional theater as an actor, director, and instructor, I continue to dedicate myself to sharing meaningful stories about real people with real problems, reaching out into the world bravely and passionately in the hopes of breaking down barriers that inhibit community connection and growth.

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