Rebecca Covert

Vocals, music
(412) 430-1346

Age Group for Residencies:  early childhood, elementary, senior citizens

Special groups: Autistic children

Artist’s Statement:
Rebecca Covert, cabaret vocalist and actress, explores interactive storytelling through her art, weaving together music, theatrical elements, and dynamic visuals to break the fourth wall and engage audiences in her personal stories.

In the classroom, Rebecca challenges her students to tell their own stories using an interdisciplinary arts approach, beginning with creative writing exercises and later exploring elements of dramatic play, music, puppetry, and theater production to give students the tools to confidently share their stories and singular voice with others. Rebecca has been a rostered Teaching Artist at Gateway to the Arts since 2006, where she is recognized for broad skills as an artist and as an educator.

Rebecca is a talented musician and performing artist who has the ability to merge outstanding creative skills with a deep knowledge of educational pedagogy and developmentally appropriate practice, which she taps to develop highly effective arts-based teaching strategies. She is an excellent collaborator with classroom teachers, able to side coach and co-teach in a manner that fosters mastery of creative and engaging teaching skills. Her fun-loving personality and sense of humor have made her a favorite with children and adults alike. -Carol Wolfe, Director of Education at Gateway to the Arts, 1998-2014

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