Michael Benevenia 

(973) 715-6345

Age Group for Residencies: Grades 9-12, adult, senior citizens

Artist’s Statement: My process of making sculpture frequently becomes a balanced scuffle with gravity, where material can be transformed into metaphors for the importance of aiding others. I am interested in the physicality of sculpture to facilitate conversations where empathy and support can develop solidarity. Having familiarity with a wide range of tools, materials, and processes allows me to be on hand to facilitate creative solutions within educational environments. As an artist, my work focuses on prosthetic’s. These devices provide multiple forms of support to a body in need. My interest in prosthetic’s and military medicine emerged from seeing orthopedic surgeons in my family help to restore functionality and mobility to individuals. And also from my experiences living in Baltimore during the Uprising of 2015, which spurred my interest in reading about the Civil War and its lasting effects on American culture. I sincerely enjoy teaching and find great satisfaction helping to transfer knowledge and encourage student growth.

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