Beverly Leviner


Genre: Ceramics/tile mosaic 

(610) 926-3225


Age Range for Residencies: Adults/Senior Citizens

Artist’s Statement:  Beverly Leviner is an artist skilled in sculpture and ceramics.  She is the co-founder of Hilltop Studio located in Reading, PA.    Beverly has a great deal of experience working with public projects and has an accomplished list of participation in exhibitions. She is a former Lecturer in Integrative Arts at Penn State Berks-Lehigh Valley College. She has created magical tile mosaic murals for schools all over Southeastern PA and is an experienced teaching artist with a wealth of knowledge.

One thought on “Beverly Leviner

  1. Hey Beverly, With permission, (sort of, long time ago). I just searched your name (googled) and found you, here. I also found you on facebook a couple of years ago, once removed. Saw some of your mosaics. Very nice. Darrell


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