Beth Krumholz


Category: Visual Arts
Genre: Mixed media, found object sculpture, poetry, interdisciplinary arts
(610) 568-8924

Age Range for Residencies: Elementary, Middle, Secondary, Adult, Senior Citizens

Artist’s Statement: In my creations, I manipulate materials into what I hope will be a compelling composition, conveying more than the sum of their parts. It is with undiminished curiosity that I take that journey through the labyrinth. I believe it is my life’s work to create a supportive space for children to do that as well—something that inherently already comes so naturally to them. My projects are used to teach curriculum, especially anything in history or language. I combine the love of poetry and image making to craft and create exploitative projects that relate to both. I am passionate about mentoring students through the maze of materials and ideas to a path that leads to more fully developed personal expression.  I’m really always excited by making artwork, and it can come about in a sort of accidental way. I tend to work on series and projects that involve multiple forms. I love color and texture and draw from a variety of crafts but don’t utilize them “the right way.” So I started to think about multiplicities in my work, more than one at a time, and how to manage that. I have always worked in a few different ways at once—naturalistic drawing, gestural line/shapes, collected objects, work that was conceptual or thematic or dark and work that was more decorative. With an additional layer of my use of language, I can weave these tendencies into one piece and draw the connections. The writing just pours out of me whereas my studio days tend to be more tortuous and arduous. I like the format of tableaux and cabinets of curiosity.

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