Scott Hower

scott hower

Category: Literary Arts
Genre: Poetry



Age Range for Residencies: Adults, senior citizens

Special Groups: Writing workshops for Veterans/families of veterans

Artist’s Statement: My artistic philosophy is rooted in the teaching of my printmaking professor at Millersville University during the early 1980’s.  Robert Nelson had a lite motif that he reiterated in every session of every class that I attended with him. He would say, “Art is a professional term. Those of you who feel that your work belongs in a portfolio that is never shared should not refer to yourselves as artists.  You may be the most talented, creative person present but if you fail to share your work you are something less than an artist.” Perhaps it was the mantra like manner in which this idea was presented that made its meaning seem so true for me or maybe its truth was simply irrefutable in its meaning.  I accepted it and decided to pursue all my artistic endeavors with the idea in mind.

Since art must be shared, it follows that it is quintessentially a form of communication.  For me to consider my work successful it must communicate something emotional, intellectual, abstract, or at the very least something about the process required to produce it.  The only way to judge the success of any given work is to share it and then consider the response it receives from the viewer or listener. This line of thought makes it imperative for me to consider my audience prior to putting brush to canvas or pen to paper.  It becomes my job to convey what I feel must be said in a manner that my audience will be most able to understand and accept it. Dancers dance to share their joy in movement. Painters paint to share their understanding of color or line. Sculptors share their wonder of the realness of the 3 dimensional form.  Poets write to share their feelings/thoughts about the human condition. Art is self-expression. Expression is communication. Therefore, art is communication.

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