The Motion Picture

The Motion Picture
Genre: Theater, Puppeteering

Age range: early childhood, elementary, senior adults
Sharing our art with an audience is always a gift; however, sharing creativity with students and seniors is especially appealing because of the collaboration in creating something meaningful. Between all the members of The Motion Picture, we all have teaching experience and are drawn to sharing our art in this manner to reach a large and diverse group of people throughout the community. Puppetry can be used to illustrate any subject. With writing and storyboarding being one of our biggest strengths, it is easy to imagine the scripts we could create to show numbers coming to life or a scientist who has a problem he must solve, or using animation and puppetry together to illustrate points in history with humor that may not be illustrated in traditional ways. We have written several episode for children using math and science to show problem-solving in the main character. We have used animation to help build a case for term limits in Congress and have illustrated many significant changes throughout history in an engaging and entertaining way. Puppetry is so adaptable. There are millions of ways to use this medium to illustrate things that lectures and textbooks cannot. Puppetry is imagination. It is, by definition, creating life in something that has none. While classroom teachers do an excellent job at bringing subjects to life, it is exciting to think of the perspective that this ‘art in action’ can bring. We can infuse action and life into the mundane. We can breathe life into music and memories for seniors. We can use puppetry to reinforce curriculum while creating a playful and collaborative environment.

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