Mimi Shapiro


239 North Concord Street

Lancaster PA 17603

(717) 390-2606


Age Range for Residencies: Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle, Secondary, Adult, Senior

Artist Statement:

A book arts residency is an exciting time to learn something new. It stretches art and poetry, the book form is a container that holds words and images, it differs from other more conventional books because it is an experience about itself. It is a portable art exhibit, about relationships, between the pages, between thoughts and dreams, between images and the maker, the book and reader. It is a three-dimensional object, with light, space and linear movement. We will make books from a single sheet of paper, sew a binding and incorporate poetry. Explore words and creativity, how this visual, tactile object comes alive. The visual arts offer the opportunity to be successful and is basic to the idea of educating the whole person. Art helps all other thinking processes, perception becomes fine tuned, the student invents the answer. With one advantage-book arts is also fun.

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